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Learn to Drive Using VR Driving Simulator

Based on Riga map, we have created unique virtual reality driving simulator that is using VR headset instead of flat screens. Everyone can learn to drive or improve existing driving skills in simulated dangerous situations. More information about the project and booking is done in our page metodrive.com

Team Building Events Using VR Experiences

Immerse your team in a world of possibilities with our tailored Virtual Reality experiences for corporate clients. From team-building adventures to skill-enhancing simulations, we offer a diverse range of VR journeys designed to elevate your business objectives. Whether it’s fostering collaboration through interactive challenges or honing leadership skills in virtual environments, our VR experiences redefine corporate training and engagement.

VR Binocular for Outdoor Use

Experience a new dimension of exploration with our cutting-edge Virtual Reality binocular, designed to withstand any weather conditions. Offering a complete service from software development to seamless installation, we empower you to delve into immersive worlds regardless of the elements. Whether you’re seeking to elevate outdoor adventures or enhance training simulations, our VR binocular opens doors to limitless possibilities, all under any sky


Additionally, we provide a sustainable power solution with our solar panel system integrated into an information stand, ideal for locations without access to electricity. This innovative combination ensures uninterrupted use of our Virtual Reality binocular, allowing for immersive experiences even in remote or off-grid areas. Explore without limits, powered by the sun, and discover a new era of sustainable virtual adventures.

Development of Custom Made VR Applications

We craft bespoke VR software tailored to your exact needs. From straightforward 360-degree virtual tours to intricate car simulators and team-building applications, our expertise covers a spectrum of possibilities. Let us guide you through the process, from conceptualization to implementation, ensuring your vision is realized in a captivating and functional virtual reality experience.

3D Asset Development for Cities

We specialize in the rapid and cost-effective development of 3D models for virtual cities. Our expert team brings virtual urban landscapes to life swiftly and affordably, ensuring stunning realism and immersive experiences. Whether it’s for urban planning, simulations, or gaming environments, our proficiency in 3D modeling transforms ideas into vibrant digital cities, ready for exploration and interaction.

Rent VR Headset

360° view


Extra Comfort

Easy to Use

High Resolution

Feel the Thrill of Virtual Reality

Easy and Fast Delivery System

1. Deliver with DPD. We will send you the VR Headset by DPD both ways.

1. Pick up yourself in Riga,Teiku (near shopping mall Akropole Alfa). We will leave the headset in our special “Postal Box” and you can pick it up 24/7 whenever you have time. More details by writing to us in whatsapp or here.

VR Headset Rent Prices

Price depends on renting time and VR headset model. It is in range of  30 to 50 eur. If you want to rent several VR headsets or for special occasions, write us and we will send you special offer. Press here, to see standard prices.

Rented VR Headset Includes:

  • New VR experiences every month. What experiences we offere see in  this link.
  • Oculus Quest 3 or Quest 2 headset and controllers
  • Elite strap for extra head comfort
  • Cleaning liquid and cloth;
  • Extra 2 AA rechargable batteries
  • Special carrying bag

VRCentrs has developed VR Car driving simulator